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Fertilization of your Louisiana Lawn

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

It's that time of the year where many customers ask the same questions. How do I get the weeds to stop growing? I pay you to cut the grass, but my neighbors yard looks better than mine when he does it himself. How do I get my grass to turn green faster, how do I get rid of these ants in the yard.

Well to be quite honest with you, I love these questions as the answer as well as the solution is both beneficial for you, the customer, as it is for me, the provider.

Cutting a lawn that is covered in various weeds and grass types doesn't allow the finish product to look at pristine and cut as opposed to someone who has their yard fertilized and under control. Not only would a yard that is under control look more appealing, but it would also allow the yard to be easiest to cut and put less strain on equipment.

I can provide this detailed service to you, you could perhaps just wish to make a slight donation to your own yard and apply basic fertilizer and per-emergent down, or you might want that Hollywood appearance that requires multiple types applied throughout the year. One thing is for sure, once you have it under control; it is easier and cheaper to maintain.

This process isn't quick, nor is it as easy as you read. Every yard is different so the same answer doesn't want for everyone. You can ask me to come check out the yard to give my ideas, when it comes to fertilization, timing is everything. The #1 thing people do wrong when applying it, is they apply it when its either 1. Still cold 2. Hot blazing dry summer day or 3. By hand and completely proportionate to the right application.

Feel free to reach out to my for further details as the season for this is about to begin April 1st!

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